Work with me

Initial Consultation

These sessions include a mixture of Mindfulness, EFT (tapping), Spiritual Companioning, Heart Coherence, the “Micro Method” and many other tools and techniques designed for you to take home and empower yourself with when you feel fear rising. No longer will you be a slave to your fear… Instead, you will be mindfully equipped to recognise that you are limitless consciousness creating your entire reality with your own belief systems and emotional responses. You are the creator of your universe and I will show you how to create abundance, love and success in every aspect of your life…

Soul Coaching

6 Session Package – How to get fearless and increase your intuition, learn sacred practices to incorporate into your daily life, increase your connection to yourself and the Divine Spirit. 

This package is for you if you would like to clear any blocks in your life which you feel are holding you back from achieving success, abundance or love. These blocks can include anything from addictions, fear, self sabotage or self doubt etc

Extra bonuses provided within this package Include:

  • Weekly email support and questions
  • 2 Free Mindful Meditations for you to listen to at home
  • Recordings of all of our sessions
  • VIP first round offers and discounts for any of my up and coming live and online trainings and workshops…