soul  connector
truth  teller
old  belief  clearer
Yay  sayer

Addiction is the opposite of connection

We all have physical, mental and emotional addictions which are holding us back in life and unless we address these – we are unlikely to move forward and manifest abundance, success and loving relationships.

I’m here to tell you that the real reason behind these is the lack of connection –
to ourselves, to others, to earth, and spirit.

When we address those, things WILL start to fall into place for you.
I promise.

Let’s focus your journey inwards and fill
YOUR cup first.

Hold space with greater impact.

Connect on a much deeper and intimate level with who you really are and what you have been put on this earth to do so that you can take your life and soul’s purpose seriously AND receive clear guidance every step of the way.

Step out of the shadows and into the love, connection and abundance that you truly desire.

Hi, I’m Tamala


I support divine feminine soul-preneurs to release themselves from addictions (to stress, procrastination, substances and bad habits) and limiting beliefs.

I do this work through the process of spiritual companioning – guiding these beautiful space-holders to connect with their own wisdom, helping them to serve more fully from a place of love.

What’s it like to work with me?

I had struggled for years with a couple of habits that were really holding me back from full health and happiness in many areas of my life- and working with Tamala Ridge was just the magic touch! Tamala is compassionate, non-judgemental- and helps you release what is holding you back without self-shaming or self-criticism. Through her program I have learnt to slow down, to release unhealthy habits – be more connected and to manage stress so much easier.  Tamala is an amazing healer and facilitator –  Highly recommend!

Sal Jade

I just had an incredible session with beautiful Tamala Ridge and am left completely awe-inspired and heart blown open <3 You nailed some core fear patterns that have kept me searching outside myself! This was such a spot on tear-jerking, heart opening session!! I feel so excited as the channelled wisdom you shared integrates and I welcome home the parts of me I pushed away. Everything is feeling really easy and simple right now, the search is over, I am home <3 I frikken love you beautiful woman! You are a Goddess inside and out.

Jane Elizabeth

If you haven’t worked with Tamala, I highly recommend her, she meets you where you’re at, acknowledges all that has happened, and gently guides you forward to where you truly want to go, but are hesitant to travel. It’s amazing to have such support and guidance and know that you’re always supported x
Suzanne Culberg