Your Fast Track to Raised Consciousness,

Revelatory Content Creation 

and Spiritual Business Success

Purify: The Detox 

Your Fast Track

to Raised





Divine being of magnificent proportions  day in, day out, you hold space for others.

But who holds space for you? 

I’ve got you darling heart…

I see you, I honour you and

I am here to serve you.

Take a breathe, return to the present moment, and remember who you are so that you can...

Increase your magnetism and vitality

Grow  your wealth potential

Embody  your divine wisdom and intuition

It's time to release your addiction to self sabotaging behaviours , deepen your relationship with Self and Spirit and claim your role as a CHANNEL for Divine Wisdom to flow through you  

It's time to release your addictions and self sabotaging behaviours , deepen your relationship with self, others, earth and Spirit, and reconnect to the parts of you that have been crying out for some loving attention so that you can reclaim your vibrant, clear, divine self. 

You're either addicted to Distractions


you're addicted to  Success

 Physical, emotional and mental distractions that you hide behind and rely upon to keep you safe.  

 The wine, chocolate, sugar, Netflix, social media, shopping, caffeine...

The sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, and fearful, negative, and critical inner thoughts...

They are keeping you awake at night, and have you playing small.

All of these veils of toxicity keep you from shining your brightest, achieving your wildest dreams, and being the vessel for Divine Love

It  takes work to fully be and own that you are a successful person

Every moment you are either choosing to be successful or choosing not to be

The problem is - most people don't understand why they are choosing exactly what they don't want

PURIFY helps you to choose it all and get it easily! 


And there's only one thing standing in your way...


 Physical, emotional and mental distractions that you hide behind and rely upon to keep you safe.  

 The wine, chocolate, sugar, Netflix, social media, shopping, caffeine...

The sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, and fearful, negative, and critical inner thoughts...

They are keeping you awake at night, and have you playing small.

All of these veils of toxicity keep you from shining your brightest, achieving your wildest dreams, and being a recognised leader in your field.

Are you ready to create a life that you don’t need to escape from?

To feel safe to be seen?

To be of highest service, without judgement, shame, expectations or imposter syndrome?

 You’re a conscious human being who desires to live in integrity with self, yet sometimes you struggle to stay in alignment.

And you require regular nourishing resets so that you can show up and do what it takes to be the best and most sacred version of yourself.


What if:

Success became the most normal and natural thing for you?

You stopped sabotaging your success? 

You always know it knew exactly what to do to be successful?  

You let yourself get paid more and more money?



from overwhelmed and tired to flying HIGH within three days using  DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS food to cleanse your body without deprivation. 

Release sneaky habits like chocolate, wine, caffeine, sugar, social media, procrastination, self-criticism, self-sabotage, stress and anxiety that are holding you back from creating more impact, influence and income.

You're either wired for success, or you're wired for failure. By default, you're wired for failure unless you upgrade your programming,

PURIFY is your upgrade. So success, money, clients and everything you desire is normal, natural and easy for you. Come join us.

Access your next level of success and abundance in your life and business.

Cleanse your body and mind

Commune with the Divine

Co-Create your Medicine

Call in your Soul Clients

Catapult your Sacred SUCCESS

 The Purification Journey 

Step into a safe and sacred container held by myself and my fully qualified Spiritual Companioning Practitioners



Spend a whole week immersed in deep introspection, discovering your why, setting your intentions and shifting all fears and resistances that will undoubtedly show up

Be fully equiped with every single thing that you need in order to experience your most potent success - we live by the 5P's - Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

The first week is laying the foundations, getting you secure and confident and deeply excited about the journey ahead 



Jump into the abyss my love - this is where your unravelling begins - THE MOST EXCITING ADVENTURE OF ALL.

Relieve yourself from unwanted foods and behaviours and spend this week ADDING IN in the things that your soul is truly craving - those nourishing oxytocin producing connection strategies that will fill your cup until it is over-flowing with exquisite self-care - there is no deprivation insight.

Everything is taken care of - you will have the exact recipes, shopping lists and menu plan that are easy, repeatable and damn delicious - You will literally fall in love with natural food all over again - the taste of a cherry tomato will completely blow your mind once all other sugars, salts and flavour enhancers are removed - what will be uncovered is pure HEAVEN on a plate



It doesn't stop here - this week you will glide back into a more normal eating regime with ease and grace. Food will no longer be the same - you will have different glasses on now - everything has become crystal clear and you will be making more loving and conscious decisions for your body, mind and soul. 

You will want to keep this HIGH and LIGHT feeling going for as long as possible and it is now EASY because you have re-set every cell in your body to crave love, purity and joy.

LOVE has become your new ADDICTION 



Those who have travelled this journey before quickly realise this is not about the food at all - food is only the outcome of a much deeper detox. 

The clouds have now parted and the sun will be shining on a more permanent basis - your negative thoughts will literally float right on by and you will become unscathed by their agonising effects. 

Your physical toxins have a direct effect on your mental toxins and it is the cleansing of the mind that will have the greatest effect on your AWAKENING - into the LIGHT

I will hold your hand every step of the way, I will have your back and I wont let you out of my sight

You will not be alone - only held, supported and deeply loved

If you stumble - I will reach out my hand to steady you and invite you to stand again.

Oh and we will laugh - more than you have in a long long time - laughter is like a well spring that is unleashed as the toxic overload is released.

This is a party of delicacies, deliciousness and divine order

Welcome to your next level of  Elevated Consciousness

From here - you will see, feel and experience HEAVEN 

You will connect with your infinite wisdom, intuition and higher -self 


4 Week Detox Program 
Includes all shopping lists, menus and recipes (VALUE: $2997)

4 x 90 min  Divine Detox & Connect Masterclasses (VALUE: $997)

 Live Group Coaching + Q&A during each detox round (VALUE: $997)

Private Facebook community (PRICELESS)

4 x cleanse & vibrational support meditations (VALUE: $497)

Detox Workbook (VALUE: $497)

EFT (tapping) guidance  (VALUE: $497)

Guest Experts & Spiritual Companioning Practitioners for extra support (VALUE: $2997)

TOTAL VALUE = $8497 per Detox 

Purification pathways

Get   Started  Here

1 x month access
+ all standard inclusions as listed above


Go   for  Gold!  

 12 months (Includes 3 detoxes)


Fortnightly LIVE Group Coaching calls for personalised support during and between detoxes throughout the year


 Fortnightly Course in Miracles Study Group
- to cleanse the mind from fear


Regular Channelled Business Strategy support
- how to act on your TRUTH through content, programs and marketing


BONUS 2 x 1:1 x 90 min
Addictions Mapping and Clearing Session with me

(Valued $1997 for Upfront Payment)

Why Detox Regularly?

One detox is not the answer to everything - it is one major physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reset.

In order to keep moving up the SPIRAL OF ASCENSION - this process needs to be REGULAR.

Each detox will see you busting through a new upper-limit so that you can continue to expand and call in more abundance and success

Successful CEO's, Leaders and Serious Spiritual Seekers know the power of regularly cleansing their mind and body. 

Detoxing is fast becoming the top business strategy on everyone's quarterly planning List. 

How Ready are You - to Create the Life of Your Dreams?

Simplero Mobile (2)

Are you ready to transform your relationship to fear – and

Co-Create REVELATORY content from your pure vessel that will magnetise your soul clients and ensure your

Business SUCCESS

Are you ready to transform your relationship with your fear – in order to stand out in the rising sea of healers, coaches and space holders?

Become more Magnetic to your ideal client by releasing all that which is preventing you from shining at your most radiant capacity…

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I fall off the wagon during the physical detox?

This is a “NO FAIL GIG”…. There are absolutely no expectations on what your success will look like – whether it's reduction, abstinence or simply the fact that you stopped for a few days – we are going to support and celebrate with you all the way… This program is a deep learning about yourself and we will pinpoint where you are stuck – in order to remove the resistance to change..

Will I feel safe and supported to share about my personal situation?

This will be a safe and nurturing space for you to share your struggles and successes along this journey - Confidentiality will be called upon at all times - so that what is discussed in the Group Coaching Sessions and in the FB Group will stay in the Group - All participants will be expected to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to commencement of the Program. You are encouraged to discuss as much or as little as you feel comfortable to do so.

I am so scared of being hungry!!!

The food detox is designed to be highly nutritious and include LOTS OF FOOD!! It is quite literally very difficult to feel hungry - if you do you can simply eat more of what is on the menu...

What if I don’t like the food or I have particular sensitivities to certain foods?

Please feel free to contact me in regards to these issues - I am always happy to find alternative substitutes for you so that we remain flexible and your needs are fully met..

What are the types of habits that are relevant for this program?

This program is for you if you have mild to medium physical addictions such as sugar, caffeine, comfort eating, social media, shopping, overspending money, drinking up to 2 glasses of alcohol per day. OR emotional/mental addictions such as anger, procrastination, self-sabotage, self-criticism, worry, self-doubt, overwhelm etc

This Program is NOT for you if you have high to severe levels of physical addictions to either alcohol (more than 2 glasses of alcohol per day), marijuana, amphetamines or opiates. This program is also NOT for you if you have any diagnosed mental health concerns such as schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety or depression. These drug or mental health concerns require a much more specialised support regime. Please feel free to contact me to see whether my one-to-one sessions would suit you or I may be able to refer you to someone else who may be able to support you.

Client Love for the prgram!

Tamala Ridge

“After doing 2 x rounds of Tamala’s detox program, I am totally hooked on detoxing and see everything about why I eat what I eat from a whole new perspective!
Food is my fuel, fear is the driver… eject the driver, reassess the fuel going into my body to drive my sacred soul on my journey. I am totally in love with the process.
You are an incredible space holder, thank you for taking me on this journey to meet myself at these deeper levels of consciousness. I highly recommend working with Tamala, it has changed my life and I know it will change yours!”

Tamala Ridge

“Tamala’s Soul Connection Detox Program was a total game-changer!
I had struggled for years with a couple of habits that were really holding me back from full health and happiness in many areas of my life. Tamala is compassionate, non-judgemental and helps you release what is holding you back without self-shaming or self-criticism. Through her program I have learnt to slow down, to release unhealthy habits – be more connected and to manage stress so much easier. It’s been a few months since the program ended but I am still digging in and using all the wonderful resources. Tamala is an amazing healer and facilitator – I felt very safe in her capable hands and loved the connections I made in the program with other gorgeous women. I’ve been a healer for over 10 years but Tamala managed to completely blow me away with her gorgeous program. Highly recommend!”

Tamala Ridge

“WOW! This program literally changed my life. I was initially very sceptical and loathed to part with the money (which is just SUCH amazing value now that I look back).
I am a recovering alcoholic – I hit rock bottom 2 years ago and entered a long term rehab facility. When I came out I stayed strong and fumbled along in the dark for a long time, ups and downs, then I connected with Tamala Ridge.
What drew me towards Tam’s program was that she had been there too – in different ways, but endured similar suffering and totally ‘got me’. I have realised now that Tam ‘gets’ pretty much everyone – without judgement.
I can genuinely say I now have so MUCH MORE to fill my cup, thanks to the support of the other gorgeous women in the program and the most amazing guide, Tam Ridge.
If you want insane vitality, creativity, positivity, vastly improved mental and physical health, motivation to do everything, amazing sleep, better skin, better relationships, better parenting and the list goes on and on – then please treat yourself to this program. It will change your life too.”




Any other questions?

Book a free 15 minute call to have them answered.



This is not a medical program and any dietary or lifestyle recommendations should not be undertaken if they conflict with any advice given to you by your GP.

I am a qualified Health and Wellness Coach, certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A qualified EFT Practitioner, certified by “Inspired EFT”, a Master Facilitator of the “Virtues Project” and Facilitator of the “Mindful Awareness Parenting Program”.

I am not currently practising as a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor (although I previously held this position for over 10 years).

I hold my own public Indemnity Insurance through IICT.