Become a Spiritually Aligned Professional and the Go-To Leader in your Field    


Heaven on Earth is but a mind shift away…


Heaven on Earth is but a mind shift away…

My soul’s divine purpose is to support you to ascend into your true power and increase the potency of your medicine so that you, and those you work with, will begin to experience Heaven on Earth.

I will challenge and inspire you to discover the space between your fearful thoughts. Here you will remember who you truly are and connect with that fire in your belly; the one that has your medicine brewing – just waiting to be activated to its most potent capacity.

Step out of the shadows of self doubt, imposter syndrome and playing small and into your Mastery of Self.

Spiritual companioning

Perfect for you if you are tired of doing this work alone, you are ready for Mastery and you are looking for a Mentor who sees, hears and validates your truth

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Your rite of passage into the next level of your spiritual evolution. 

Professional, Personal and Spiritual Mentorship designed to clear your clouded perception of reality so that you can activate your souls divine purpose.

Release all fear and self doubt so that you can step into the role of medicine woman

Open yourself to your worthiness of this position so that you can move from spiritual seeker to aligned spiritual professional.

Learn and Receive:

  • Professional space holding skills
  • Addiction theory and recovery protocols
  • Mindfulness training
  • EFT - tapping qualifications level 1 and 2
  • The Virtues Project
  • Access to all other Programs listed above

 By application only 

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Spiritual Companioning Practitioner Training

Perfect for you if you are already a coach or practitioner wanting to stand out in your field as an expert and leader OR you are looking to study a healing modality but haven’t quite found what your soul is searching for.

This revolutionary work is a combination of:

  • Addiction Training
  • Level 3 EFT (Tapping) Qualifications
  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • Spiritual Empowerment of yourself and your clients
  • Time-Line Reclamation
  • Sacred Space Holding Skills
  • Self-Reflective Practice and Supervision

This Professional Practitioner Training is Certified and insurable with IICT (The Institute for Complimentary Therapists)

Become a Spiritual Companioning Practitioner and start practicing in this highly regarded profession on graduation.

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Sacred Space Holding

Perfect if you are wanting to rise above the sea of healers and coaches in the world and become the go-to-leader in your field.

Welcome to the initiation into your true calling and a release from your pre-conditioned beliefs about what space holding really means


  • The ancient and sacred art of true space holding - this is not taught in any mainstream modality
  • How to spiritually empower your clients and relieve yourself from the belief that you have the answers
  • The 4 sacred tools that will transform your life and create more profound results for your clients
  • The Spiral of Ascension and how it will revolutionise your work
  • How to increase your capacity to serve and take your clients deeper.

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Simplero Mobile

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Tamala silver textA community of spiritual seeking entrepreneurs, black sheep, rebels and disruptors choosing to challenge themselves to heal at a much deeper level. 

Join my free group if you are: 

  • a Leader, Coach, Mother or Practitioner who holds space for your clients, families or teams.
  • looking for Free Training and Mentorship to deepen and expand your current space holding practices.
  • open to redefining what you thought to be true about the sacred art of space holding

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Purify - The Detox for Raised Consciousness

Perfect for you if you are ready to feel lighter, free’er and more freakin SUCCESSFUL.

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In order to AWAKEN to the truth of who you are - it is essential that you discover the space between your toxic thoughts – so that you can connect with the peace, bliss and joy that resides deep within your untainted soul.

In order to create a successful business, own your power and stand out as a leader in your field - it is essential that you fill your vessel with deeply nutritious and soul fulfilling food whilst letting go of all that no longer serves you

Powerful and successful spiritual leaders understand the sacred benefits of detoxing - it is no longer a secret that it leads to ascension.

Join the most powerful detox program being offered on the planet at this time. This is far from an ordinary deprivation detox. 

It is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing – filled with LOADS of nourishing vegan food. 

Every-time we detox inside the Sanctuary – participants report an incredible increase in their income because they have released the toxic veil that has been standing in their way. 

This is your accelerated pathway to Heaven Join us to SEE and EXPERIENCE the truth.  

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Book a free 30 min clarity call if you are on the edge, there is no accident that you are here. Let's chat and I will support you to explore which entry point would best suit your needs. I understand the need to personally connect - it establishes trust and confidence.

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I acknowledge the Bibbulman and Minang people as the traditional indigenous custodians of the land on which I live in beautiful Denmark and surrounds.
I pay respect to their elders; past, present and emerging.
I honour their deep connection and respect for our mother earth and I humbly strive to learn from my local elders. I acknowledge my ignorance and cultural disconnection always in the hope of re-kindling my relationship to our giver of life, land and medicine.

A percentage of all profits goes to support The Hunger Project To end hunger and poverty by pioneering sustainable, grassroots, women-centered strategies and advocating for their widespread adoption in countries throughout the world

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