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for Spiritual Companioning

with Tamala Ridge

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My Vow to you Soul Sista...

Here is my Sacred Commitment to you:

  1. I will lovingly hold you through your entire spectrum of emotions
  2. I will see, hear and witness all of who you are without judgement or expectation
  3. I will challenge you to keep going. 
  4. I will hold up a mirror for you to see through your illusions – I will shine a light on your ego and support you to identify the difference between it and your true divine self.
  5. I will provide a safe and confidential space for you to lean in and explore your vulnerability. I will hold your stories, pain and trauma as sacred jewels close to my heart –It is an honour to witness and hear your stories, I give you my word to keep them safe.
  6. I will celebrate every milestone you achieve with fervour and deep reverence. As you step out of the spiritual closet and into the role of divine medicine woman, I will be your spiritual cheerleader, cartwheels and pom poms all the way baby!
  7. I will reach out my hand and graciously invite you to take it if you fall
  8. I will create a space of fun and celebration - this rite of passage stuff doesn't always have to be serious - I will encourage your sense of humour and share mine with you
  9. I vow to stand by your side as you learn to speak your truth, I will remind you of your courage, determination and free will to choose love over fear. 
  10. I will create a sisterhood for you to lean into. A temple of learning, support and embodiment to share with other waking soul sista’s.
  11. I will not give you advice, I will not tell you what to do. I will never disempower you. I vow to always support you to find your own answers within. I will Spiritually Companion you until you connect in with your own divine wisdom and no longer require my support. 
  12. I am not attached to your outcomes – only you can decide on these. You have full permission to travel your own pathway. Your spiritual work is not mine to do. I am simply the guide, you are the driver.
  13. I will encourage and mentor you in the sacred Art of Spiritual Companioning - here you will learn to spiritually empower each other by only ever sharing your experience and offering questions for the self-reflection of your sisters (rather than offering advice or opinions)
  14. I commit to resolving misunderstandings or disagreements, using the principals of Non Violent Communication. I believe that we can always both, get our needs met in any situation. 
  15. I vow to teach you through my strength and also my vulnerability - there is great power in leading through the heart.
  16. I vow to walk my talk, lead with compassion and show up – even when my own ego tempts me. 
  17. I vow to see you as an equal, no less or greater than I. We sit eye to eye, heart to heart, soul to soul. 
  18. I will see you through the eyes of God, as whole, perfect and already healed. This is an of itself is the only medicine that you will need. For when you see yourself through my eyes and connect with your holiness – you will indeed be healed. 

I lovingly request that you make your own vow in reciprocity to mine. What is it that you commit to as you say yes to yourself and enter this Sacred Temple?

My one request is that you go deep within and ask yourself these questions:

Are you willing to: 

  1. Show up even when your egoic thoughts scream at you to hide or quit? 
  2. Sit with yourself on a daily basis and mindfully explore the depth of who you really are
  3. Ask questions and reach out for support when you feel fear and doubt
  4. Complete the embodiment practices recommended in this program with diligence and fervour – these are your rites of passage that will uncover the veil of illusion.
  5. Speak up if you feel called to 
  6. Be mindful of your judgement and call upon your virtue of acceptance, compassion and detachment.
  7. Take your place in this circle with the devotion and respect that it truly deserves. 
  8. Commit to creating intentional action every single day to address your addiction to fear
  9. Commit to holding your sista’s stories and vulnerability with confidentiality and compassion.
  10. Clear your diary and schedule in all times for calls, classes and circles. Show up on time and give at least one days notice if you have to reschedule. 
  11. Be open to owning your triggers/activations and utilise the tools taught here to address them
  12. Take responsibility for all that you see, experience and manifest as purely a projection of your own internal reality. 
  13. Refrain from giving advice or having an opinion about what is right or wrong with your sista’s.
  14. Show up with an open heart, mind and soul and be willing to be challenged on your current belief system
  15. Expose your ego, choose love and be open to your absolute, divine worthiness of HEAVEN. 

I deeply honour your willingness to feel into these requests.

Please let me know if you accept them and/or if you have any questions.

This is a sacred contract that I believe has already been previously energetically written between both of us. It is only now activating because you are ready to be initiated into your next level of heart consciousness.  

…..and so it is….