TEDx: My Journey of Recovery from Addiction

The truth about addiction and how to recover.

Addiction is not a dirty word and it affects all of us.

We are hard wired to become addicted to substances, emotions, hormones and thoughts in the name of survival and safety.

The problem is; there are multi-billion dollar industries that know this and we are purposefully tempted and enticed every single day in the name of marketing, power and profit.

I have an innovative, progressive and challenging view on addiction and it is my mission to change the conversation on this global pandemic.

I believe we have been focusing on the wrong thing all this time and until we start to think, act and see things from a very different perspective, addiction will keep most people enslaved to a system that pulls the strings to control our behaviour 

This TEDx Talk will challenge, inspire and teach you a whole new way to address addiction in your life and the lives of those around you.

Enjoy xx

Invite Tamala to Speak

at your live Event/Festival or
as a guest speaker in your online Program/Mastermind/Summit or Podcast

Imagine providing the understanding, education and tools to recover from all addictions for yourself and your participants. 

Addiction is the missing link in many coaching programs - strategy can only take your participants so far - if they are addicted to procrastination, fear, hiding and unworthiness (through their unhealed past trauma) - success is unlikely.

When you understand the true nature of addiction and begin to focus on healing it - for yourself and your clients - your business is going to sky-rocket!

Not just another Keynote Speaker

Imagine including an addictions module to your training/mastermind or having a guest or keynote speaker at your next event/festival on this fascinating topic - expanding your audience and drawing in larger crowds.

EVERYONE has an interest in addiction because it effects us all 

Make your program or event a stand out from the mainstream and invite Tamala to speak on this powerful topic.



...is an International Best Selling Author 4 times over, Speaker, Coach and Spiritual Mentor and the Founder and Director of The Institute for Spiritual Companioning

She prides herself on bringing challenging and life-changing education to all who hear her message. She is funny, easy going, highly engaging and very professional.

Known for her ability to speak directly to the heart and soul of her audience she is well regarded and sort after for private events and guest speaking gigs. She also adds valuable content and training for other people’s programs.

Tamala believes that when we all have a better understanding of addiction – we will be able to make more conscious and loving choices for ourselves and our loved ones.

Ensuring more success, wealth, abundance, joy and love for everyone

Other Topics 

Tamala speaks on a variety of topics - these are some of her most popular requests. 

Feel free to contact her to tailor something specific to your needs. 

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Being trauma informed is a buzz word – but what does it really mean? – having spent 15 years working in Drug and Alcohol and Mental Health – Tamala has broad and extensive knowledge and experience working with and supporting her clients and students to heal from trauma.

She ties together physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of trauma and provides powerful tools and techniques to support recovery.

Perfect for: Coaches, Therapists, Practitioners, Body Workers, Trainers  - anyone who teaches a healing modality and would like to give your participants more confidence, skill and knowledge around working with trauma. 


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An opportunity to explore the richness, power and healing capacity of what it really means to hold space for someone without ego, agenda or expectation. Tamala is an expert in holding space – tying together her 15 years experience as a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor and her current role as a Spiritual Mentor she has developed her own accredited therapeutic modality called Spiritual Companioning.

Bring the spiritual dimension into your space holding service and discover how you can get to the root cause of any issue using the body and the subconscious to reawaken a healing remembrance of your divinity.

Perfect for: Coaches, Therapists, Practitioners, Body Workers, Trainers  - anyone who teaches a healing modality and would like to give your participants more confidence and skill in holding space more powerfully for pain and emotional suffering.  



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If you have a spiritual business, holding space for your clients to heal - Spiritual Integrity and Ethics are always elements that can be improved within your service. When you create an even safer space for your clients o be held, seen and supported - they will rave about you to others

As a Spiritual Entrepreneur - Tamala know's the value of working on your own integrity daily - Your business is a separate entity that also requires consistent attention and intention

Your client's fear will always be present; having a tight, safe and integrous container will set you up to have a Gold Standard service.

Perfect for: Coaches, Therapists, Practitioners, Body Workers, Trainers  - anyone who teaches a healing modality and is wanting to increase your level of professionalism and safety for yourself and for your clients


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If you are wanting to bring a spiritual dimension to your business, coaching programs/masterminds and look at sales from a whole new perspective – this training will blow your heart wide open.

Most Spiritual Entrepreneurs have a difficult relationship with money and sales – it feels “icky” in their body.

Tamala will take you and your clients on a whole new journey to begin to embody the joyful principals of opening up to receive divine compensation for your service and learn to fall in love with selling as a sacred and devotional practice.

Perfect for: Business Coaches wanting to support their participants to heal their fear of sales and invite in greater levels of wealth.

Working with Tamala

Tamala Ridge
Leigh Jane Woodgate   - Business Growth Advisor and Women’s Leadership Mentor

“We are either a fit to co-facilitate, or we are not. And when we are…magic happens.

There are not many women that I trust implicitly with my vulnerability, the “all” of me.

Tamala is one of those women. She helped me to overcome my 24 year addiction to nicotine with dignity, love and messy grace. She fine-tuned my ability to hold space. She allowed me to support her to grow her soul-led business. She became a friend. And when the moment came to welcome her into my deeply intimate private client spaces to share her medicine on addiction, I felt deep trust…knowing that she would show up with integrity, mastery, and the utmost of love and respect. That she did, over and over and over again.

For me, when it comes to inviting external facilitators into my client spaces that I nurture and cultivate with utmost regard, devotion, and commitment to the highest level of service, excellence, wisdom, love and care, that such external facilitators are aligned with my Brand DNA; my values, principles, mission, purpose, vision, virtues and essence. I am deeply grateful that Tamala and I are.

Thank you for sharing your expertise with the communities that I dedicate myself to. And for welcoming me into the communities that you dedicate yourself to, to do the same. ”

Business Growth Advisor and Women’s Leadership Mentor

Tamala Ridge
Emma Turton - Leading International Medical Intuitive  Founder & Director of Medical Intuition School

“Tamala Ridge is a pioneer at the intersection of addiction and spirituality.

I’ve invited her to be an expert presenter in my groups and courses many times, as the audience always loves her uniquely life-changing approach to breaking free from addictions of all kinds, and her deeply integrous approach to spirituality.

Her presentations are so well received and so informative that my students continue to refer back to them years later. She is wise and kind, compassionate, and deeply practical.

When Tamala runs a workshop, class or presentation of any kind, you are always taken on a masterful journey with her to open your mind to a new way of viewing the world. Your current understanding and beliefs will be challenged and stretched so that you find a deeper meaning in your own life. She will leave you with tools to keep growing and expanding in your truth and healing

I highly recommend her as a speaker. Your audience will LOVE this woman, AND learn so much!”

Leading International Medical Intuitive Founder & Director of Medical Intuition School