About Me

My business is evolving as I am…

and what I have to offer is who I am

I am someone whose desire is to serve those who are ready to awaken and to discover who they truely are. I have spent my whole life pondering the question “Who am I?” and diving head first into denial, oblivion and fear about the answer.

I spent many years trying to escape who I was with all sorts of intoxicants, food, relationships and other distractions. Until I realised something…I was addicted to the exact opposite of who I truly was… I was addicted to my fear and this was keeping me very unconscious and very unhappy.

I have spent the past 10 years in a career as a Drug and Alcohol counsellor and went on my own journey of healing and sobering up to life and consciousness.

I have discovered many many tools along the way and would very much love to share these with you.

We all have addictions – sugar, social media, alcohol, chocolate, drugs, yelling at our family, procrastination, over working etc etc – but our addictions run much deeper than what we see on the surface…what we are truely addicted to is our fear.

This is my gig, this is my zone of genius, this is what I have worked my whole life to discover, conquer and offer to others…

The tools that I have learnt are profound, sacred and freakin work…I invite you to inquire, ask, explore and allow your curiosity to reach out to me…

You are not who you think you are – your fear does not define you…
If you are looking for change – then lets do some work!