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Intuitive Reading

An Intuitive Reading using the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Method as developed by Dr RIcci-Jane Adams. I am currently a Master of the Instituter and a preferred reader on the Institute’s website.

Soul Coaching

3 Session Package – How to get fearless and increase your intuition, learn sacred practices to incorporate into your daily life, increase your connection to yourself and the Divine Spirit. This can include an Intuitive Reading for the first session if you wish.

Follow-up Appointment

This is for all appointments following the initial Intuitive Reading – included in all of the packages – these sessions include a mixture of Mindfulness, EFT (tapping), Spiritual Companioning, Heart Coherence, the “Micro Method” and many other tools and techniques designed for you to take home and empower yourself with when you feel fear rising.

Soul Mentoring

12 session Package – This is the ultimate investment into your spiritual development. This is your journey home to love whilst conquering your fears. Here you will connect with your Intuitive Intelligence and redefine your understanding of who you truly are.
Tamala is the most beautiful, gentle soul. I love this woman dearly. Her work is deep and hard hitting, but she does it with such love, that you feel nothing but supported and held as you transform and come out the other side. You need this woman in your life!
Amy Lou