Spiritual Companioning Practitioner

Space Holding Mastery

Embody and Practice the Sacred Art of
Spiritual Companioning

with Tamala Ridge





Spiritual Companioning Practitioner

Space Holding Mastery

Embody and Practice the Sacred Art of
Spiritual Companioning

with Tamala Ridge


Refine your space holding skills for yourself and others, heal all limitations, grow your business, create unlimited health and wealth



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Spiritual Companioning Practitioner Training

Annual intake only

When you are not ok with having everything, you desire  – you can try and try to create it – but you won’t let it happen

To change that – when you learn how to hold space for yourself and know exactly how to get the clarity that you need as to why you are choosing to block it – that’s when everything changes

When you know how to provide the space that others need to find their own answers - your clients are going to achieve phenomenal results and be coming back for more and more 

I don’t just teach you to clear everything that’s in the way of business success and money – I help you know yourself on another level so you can always create what you desire and do the same for your clients 

I’ll show you in every moment why you are not letting yourself have what you desire and how to recover from the addiction to mediocre so your business explodes and you finally experience the wealth and success you have always dreamed of 

What I am going to teach you will not only change your life but the strategies and processes are going to be implementable with your clients too and it’s going to change their lives also

When you understand and know how to hold space for all addictions - your life and the lives of your clients will  be completely transformed 

What does the training include?

  • Level 3 EFT Qualifications – Become a Certified EFT Practitioner
  • Spiritual Business Ethics and Spiritual Integrity
  • Energetic Spiritual Business Strategy
  • Full in depth Addiction Training ( this is 35% of the entire program ) – physical, mental and emotional addictions.
  • Time-line Therapy - subconscious inner child work to heal past wounding 
  • Body Bio-Feedback - learn how to support your clients to get direct wisdom and guidance from their body messages 
  • Be held and supported by me as we travel deeply through all subconscious techniques to be embodied by you. 
  • Devotional practices to connect you more intimately with God as the Space Holder and you as the Vessel for the Space to be offered through you
  • Support to get a project, course or 1:1 offer created and launched.
  • 4 x 1:1 90 min private sessions with me for Reflective Supervision with client work OR your own Business Development OR be held and Spiritually Companioned by me
  • Weekly Training and Coaching calls which will include practice sessions in a safe and nurturing environment with direct supportive feedback from me
  • Exclusive Private FB Group
  • Access to me via FB messenger Mon – Fri
  • Opportunity to be a guest expert in the PURIFY Detox Program 
  • A Course in Miracles study group – this text has been one of my spiritual masters over the past 25 years - it is a profound awakening to love 


All qualified Practitioners will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive 1:1 referrals from me
  • Be advertised on my Website as a qualified practitioner
  • Be eligible for ongoing supervision and support by joining a minimal cost yearly registration membership
  • Have the opportunity to apply to be on my team/staff to support me to hold space for the participants in my other programs. I cannot do this alone any more and am looking for qualified Spiritual Companioning Practitioners to take over a large part of the support 
  • Get insurance with a highly respected international governing body of complementary therapists with this now, fully certified modality (IICT)

Launch Yourself into Spiritual Success



This is for you if you  desire accelerated success and you want to learn how take your clients there also. This world class addiction training will drastically change yours and your clients lives by teaching you how to remove all blocks, fears and programming in order to create the life and business success you have always dreamed 




This is for you if you desire accelerated success and want to learn how to take your clients there also. This world class addiction training will drastically change yours and your clients lives by learning how to remove all blocks, fears nd programming in order to create the life you have alwasy dreaqmed of 

Professional training will also include:

  • Templates for session notes
  • Delving into your own personal spiritual code of conduct
  • Learning to identify addiction archetypes (such as the rebel and the rescuer) and supporting yourself and your clients to reframe them from dark to light in order to utilise their potent power
  • The nature of addiction and how to support your clients to become more addicted to love than to fear
  • How to follow up with clients and invite them to continue working with you.

You will receive a welcome package including:

  • Professional Text Books
  • Newly Created Manuals
  • Cards
  • Some sacred surprises!


The only reason your clients aren’t getting what they want is because they're addicted to where they are right now..


You can give them all the tips and strategies in the world but if you don't work on the part of them, that’s addicted to their current identity that’s choosing not to move, your results are only going to be temporary.


When you know how to do this - your clients are going to get 10 times better results because you are going to identify the very reason they are choosing to not have their deepest desires. The only reason they choose to go back to where they are right now.


 Your clients will get results that are sustainable and lifelong, because you will have the skill to support them to overcome their attachment to where they are now.

I will support you to overcome your addiction to where you are now so you can have what you desire  

At the completion of this training you will

1. Bust through your own addictions and attachments to playing small and not feeling worthy of having the success, health and wealth that you dream of 

2. Feel confident in supporting your clients to identify and transform fears, blocks, addictions, and upper limits

3. Be competent working in the realm of addiction

4. Expand and grow your business at an accelerated pace

5. Stand out as a leader in your field - there are very few coaches and space holders with comprehensive training and confidence in addiction work - ALL OF YOUR CLIENTS WILL HAVE ADDICTIONS

6. Own your authority and power with confidence and power

7. Step into your souls purpose, power and profit by saying YES to this missing piece in your space holding skill and spiritual integrity

You will be healed as you allow him to
teach you to heal


Your Investment in your success is 18K + GST

Book an application call today and secure the Early Bird Price of $16K + GST

 For those of you who are ready to change the trajectory of your business for ever ...

Bonuses for early enrolment now before end of the year

  • 18 month payment plan option
  • 1 BONUS x 1:1 90 min sessions with me (before training begins) to keep you get your trajectory started now by addressing any addictions that are currently present (Value $1000)
  • $2000 off the full price
  • Free access to PURIFY The Detox for Raised Consciousness for the duration of the Practitioner Training - plus early entry this year as soon as you enrol ((Value 1.5K)
  • Become an affiliate for the rest of my programs receiving commission on many of my services (Programs and Retreats)
  • Access to the Course in Miracles study group now on enrolment 


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