Words of love

The two sessions that I have had with Tamala so far have been amazing. In the first session she was able to intuitively describe an event during my youth that was a big issue for me, this was without knowing anything about me, and without me even realising that it was significant. I was blown away by her accuracy. This also gave a great us insight into where the voids in my life are right now. We immediately worked together on some strategies to address that, and already it has brought me so much joy. The second session uncovered the fact that what I had thought was my issue was actually just decoy, and I was able to go to the core of my fear kick the ass of things that were blocking me from living the life i really want to live. Even though our sessions took place online, I found Tamala was able to provide a comfortable space for me to get uncomfortable with my fears. The whole process was so transformative and I was able to shift some big obstacles. I whole heartedly recommend Tamala as a coach, mentor and intuitive healer. So much gratitude.
Emma Bliss

Tamala is the most beautiful, gentle soul. I love this woman dearly. Her work is deep and hard hitting, but she does it with such love, that you feel nothing but supported and held as you transform and come out the other side. You need this woman in your life!
Amy Lou

I just had an incredible session with beautiful Tamala Ridge and am left completely awe-inspired and heart blown open <3 You nailed some core fear patterns that have kept me searching outside myself! This was such a spot on tear-jerking, heart opening session!! I feel so excited as the channelled wisdom you shared integrates and I welcome home the parts of me I pushed away. Everything is feeling really easy and simple right now, the search is over, I am home <3 I frikken love you beautiful woman! You are a Goddess inside and out. Jane Elizabeth

Today I experienced something so deeply life changing. I entered into a powerful session with the incredibly soft, warm and loving Tamala. The fear that I faced and released was immensely challenging but made possible by the safe and nurturing space that Tamala held for me. She was encouraging, supportive and powerfully intuitively insightful.

I would recommend Tamala to anyone wanting to go deep and face the limiting fears that hold them back from living life to their highest potential!
Lisa Smith