What is Spiritual Companioning and how does it help you grow your Coaching Practice?

What is Spiritual Companioning?


As a coach, your goal is to help your clients make positive changes in their lives. But you know that trying to solve their problems for them isn’t always the best route. While it may mask the challenges for a while and bring some change in their lives, this type of change doesn’t usually stick.

Spiritual companioning is the opposite of telling clients what to do. In fact, by using spiritual companioning as a tool in your coaching, you will be able to help your clients create sustainable change and become more successful.


What IS Spiritual Companioning?

Spiritual companioning is about the spiritual empowering of yourself and others. As the name implies, it’s more about being a companion and an equal than about telling clients what to do.

Rather than making specific suggestions, you are empowering and supporting clients to elicit, remember and awaken their own God-like/ Source/Universe qualities within.

It’s similar to sympathy and empathy, but it differs a little. When we exhibit sympathy, it means we feel sorry for the client and it makes them feel more like a victim. When we have empathy, we feel the feelings of our clients without the victim mode and shaming. But when we’re empathetic, we can take on their emotions and blur the boundaries between coach and client.

With companioning, it’s not about telling or directing. We listen to the client and let them elicit the idea from within. You’re empowering them, not telling them what to do. Once they figure it out for themselves, they’re much more likely to take action and to make the changes stick.

So how do we help our clients figure it out? It all comes down to virtues.


What are Virtues?

Let’s look a little deeper, shall we?

According to the Virtues Project – an organization started in 1988 by Dr. Dan Popov, his wife Linda Kavelin Popov and her brother John Kavelin – every religion or culture has the same virtues. Whether they used sacred texts or passed down oral stories, the same virtues were at the heart of every belief system in the world.

Virtues are something everyone is born with, as opposed to values, which is something we culturally learn. Virtues are things like detachment, reliability, fairness, justice, forgiveness, simplicity, thoughtfulness, sincerity. These are the virtues of God, and virtues are already in all of us.

Spiritual companioning is helping your clients remember the virtues that are their birthright.

However, we don’t want to just tell our clients that they have these virtues.


Top 2 Tips to Ask the Right Questions and Go Deeper With Clients

In order to empower our clients and help them find the virtues within, we need to ask the right questions so they can remember the fact that they are God-like and divine.

Here are my top 2 tips that take questions from inquiring to completely empowering.

#1 – Play with the difference between” why?” and “how come?”

When clients are sharing stories and problems with you, and we want to know more, you might say something like, “why did that happen? or “why is that a problem?”

But why has an undertone of judgment, like “why did you do that?” It implies that the answer might be wrong or that you’re not in complete agreeance with the answer.

Instead, use the phrase “how come?” How come implies a non-judgmental curiosity. Then we can help the clients come up with answers themselves

#2 – Have them pretend they do know all the answers

Often times we ask a question and the only answer the client can come up with is “I don’t know.” In these cases, prompt them with the question, “If you did know, what might the answer be?”

Most times, the client will come up with an answer. This simple question invites them to go deeper. It challenges them to get past their doubts and fears that are telling them that they don’t know the answers and empowers them to dive deeper on their own.


Spiritual companioning is all about encouraging and empowering. It allows you to help your clients get to the root of their pain themselves. And with your love and support, it empowers them to find the answers that were in them all along.


For more support on how to bring Spiritual Companioning into your life and your biz – hit the button below to connect with me for a 1:1 Spiritual Companioning Coaching session – we will identify areas in your personal life and business where you could deepen into the spiritual empowerment of yourself and others. You will walk away with profound and sacred tools that will increase your capacity to hold space for yourself, loved ones and clients.


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