Heaven and hell aren’t places to visit when you die

They’re right here, right now
It’s time to move from your head to your heart

My name is Tamala Ridge, I’m a Soul Coach & Mentor supporting divine feminine soul-preneurs to release themselves from addictions (to stress, procrastination, substances and bad habits) and limiting beliefs.

Freed from feeling like imposters in their own business, these women shine bright like beacons, calling in the clients who need them most. They support the world with a greater balance of divine compensation, receiving abundance in return for the abundance they release.

I do this work through the process of spiritual companioning – guiding these beautiful space-holders to connect with their own wisdom, helping them to serve more fully from a place of love.


Because the opposite of addiction is connection.
By healing ourselves, we clear a path for others to heal


The breakthroughs have been breathtaking – from once struggling in business to releasing limitations and booking out after just a few days in the Detox Without Deprivation program, to creating new ways to guide, support and nourish their clients by doing the same for themselves through my Soul Connection Mentoring.


All they needed was the guidance to clear their limitations and hear their own truth.

I’d love to support you on that same journey.


My role is not to create a system where you’re dependent on me – I want to help you step out of the spiritual closet on your own two feet. Because I know, from having supported so many others walking this path before you, that this is the key to creating more magical, more powerful results for yourself, and for those you serve.

I’m a compassionate rebel
I’m not afraid to speak up, to use my voice to create change,
to fight for you with love


I speak from a place of authenticity. My own journey was mired with addictions, until a heaven-sent opportunity led to a career as a drug and alcohol counsellor. This was my road to recovery and my saviour – being valued and honoured for my skills and experience, my compassion and courage.

But I learnt that in addiction recovery too often we focus on the wrong things. We take drugs and alcohol away from people without first filling their cup with something positive, making the path to relapse almost inevitable. That’s where I realised that overcoming addiction is not ‘detox through deprivation’. Connect with your Source (God, the Universe, whatever you call it) and let your divine wisdom fill your cup until there’s no room for the addictions, the limiting beliefs, the emotional blocks.

I’ve created a successful business that welcomes emotional, spiritual and physical freedom into my life as I support clients I love. My work is to help them find heaven on earth with businesses and practices that let them release their own medicine out into the world.


Are you ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey?